Wild Estate Wanderlust Chardonnay
Wild Estate Wanderlust Chardonnay 2022
Wild Estate Wanderlust Chardonnay 2022
Wild Estate Wanderlust Chardonnay 2022
Wild Estate Vineyard

Wild Estate Wanderlust Chardonnay 2022

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Introducing the elusive and enchanting Wanderlust Chardonnay - a limited release of just 500 bottles from the captivating Waiheke Island. Brace yourself for a wine adventure like no other!

Wildest Features:

  • Super Rare: With only 500 bottles available, this is a wine you won't find just anywhere. It's as rare as a double rainbow!
  • Crafted in the Best Vintages: We handpick the finest grapes when the stars align and Mother Nature blesses us with the perfect conditions. Only the best vintages make the cut for Wanderlust Chardonnay.
  • A Symphony of Flavours: Concentrated aromas of ripe citrus, luscious stone fruit, and exotic tropical flavours dance on your palate, creating a harmonious symphony of taste.
  • Creamy Barrel Ferment: Our winemakers work their magic to achieve a complex, creamy barrel fermentation that adds layers of richness and depth to the wine.
  • Nutty, Toasty Oak: The subtle, nutty notes and toasty oak flavours give Wanderlust Chardonnay a delightful twist, making each sip a delightful surprise.

Wildest Benefits:

  • Exclusivity: Be one of the lucky few to experience the magic of Wanderlust Chardonnay. It's like being part of an exclusive club, where only the privileged few get to indulge.
  • Multiple Awards: This extraordinary wine has received accolades from experts and enthusiasts alike. Sip with confidence, knowing you're savouring a true gem.
  • Family Owned: Wild Estate is a family-owned winery, and our passion for crafting exceptional wines shines through in every bottle. We pour our heart and soul into each vintage, ensuring a remarkable drinking experience.
  • For Wine Lovers: If you're a wine aficionado who craves the unique and seeks out family-owned brands with a touch of playfulness, Wanderlust Chardonnay is your perfect match.

Join us on a whimsical wine journey with Wanderlust Chardonnay. Don't miss your chance to indulge in this extraordinary wine that captures the essence of Waiheke Island and the Wild Estate spirit. Cheers to rare finds and unforgettable moments!  ABV13%


  • 2021 - 4 1/2 stars Michael Cooper
  • 2020 - 4 STARS – BOB CAMPBELL
  • 2020 - 4 Stars THE REAL REVIEW
  • 2019 - 5 stars Michael Cooper
  • 2019 - 93 Points - Cameron Douglas MS


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