Wild Estate Retro Bucket Hats
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Wild Estate Retro Bucket Hats

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row your arms wide and get ready to catch some serious style wave! We're delighted to unveil the latest addition to our Wild Estate collection - the Retro Bucket Hats you've been secretly pining for! These are not just any hats, folks. They're your perfect companions for lounging under the warm Waiheke sun, or a cherished keepsake to remember the wild times at our estate. Designed with a nod to yesteryears and a wink to the spirit of adventure, these hats are all about embodying the Wild Estate ethos in every stitch. After all, what's more satisfying than sipping our playful, slightly elusive Wild Estate wine, while sporting a hat that's an equal mix of nostalgia and fun? So come on, get your hat on, raise a glass of our rare, playful brew, and let's keep this wild ride going together!

If you've always fancied looking as spiffy as our crew or just want a piece of the Wild Estate joy, this is your chance to own it! Designed with a generous dash of nostalgia and a sprinkling of childhood enthusiasm, it's more than just apparel—it's a state of mind! So, don your spirit of adventure, raise a glass of our rare and playful Wild Estate wine, and let's continue this journey of staying wild together!

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COLOURS: Advise your choice of Greystone/Tobacco/Navy

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