Waiheke Brewery Retro Caps
Waiheke Brewery Retro Caps
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Waiheke Brewery Retro Caps

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Step right up, folks, and let's turn our time machines back to 1998! Ah, the year of the Furby and Titanic stealing the show at the Oscars! But here on Waiheke Island, something even more noteworthy was brewing. Literally. It was the birth of our very own Waiheke Island Brewery, the first of its kind and a game-changer in the world of hops and malt on our quirky little island. And where, you might ask, did the magic happen? Why, out back, of course! A modest start, but one that saw us become world-famous on Waiheke. Now, that's a claim not many can make, eh?  So, come, let's raise a toast to the wild, the rare, and the home-brewed!

If you've always fancied looking as spiffy as our crew or just want a piece of the Wild Estate joy, this is your chance to own it! Designed with a generous dash of nostalgia and a sprinkling of childhood enthusiasm, it's more than just apparel—it's a state of mind! So, don your spirit of adventure, raise a glass of our rare and playful Waiheke Island Brewey's ale, and let's continue this journey of staying wild together!

SIZES:  Onesize (adjustable strap)

COLOURS: Advise your choice of Hot Pink/Obsidian/Navy/Seabreeze​

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