Wild on Aotearoa T-Shirts
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Wild on Aotearoa T-Shirts

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Hold tight to your adventurous hearts, good folks, as we hoist the sails for Aotearoa, the fabled Land of the Long White Cloud! Our 'Wild on Aotearoa' t-shirt is about as scarce as a glimpse of a kiwi bird in the wild, but fear not—it has the uncanny knack of flying right off the shelves and onto your honed physique. Because let's be honest, your body's a downright shrine, and it's crying out for a wicked tee like this one! And hey, when you do get back to your crowd, you'll have the ultimate bragging rights. Not just about the awesomeness that is New Zealand, but about the jewel in its crown, Waiheke Island. So, here's to the wild, the wonderful, and the unapologetically unique—just like our Wild Estate wines. Cheers!

SIZES:  Available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

COLOURS: Advise your choice of Mustard/Chocolate/Army Green/Seabreeze​

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